To Improve Efficiency, Go Mobile Dispatch

As shipping complexity increases and delivery deadlines tighten, efficiency is key to meeting customer expectations and profit goals. According to a recent Honeywell survey, transportation and logistics managers have identified operational efficiency as the top area they’d like to improve this year. Of the group surveyed, 44% believe re-engineering their processes, like transportation and dispatch, is the best way to do that.

To take operations to the next level, many transportation and logistics managers are exploring mobile technologies. The benefits are clear: Managers estimated that implementing mobile technology could help them slash time spent on pick-up and delivery by 30 percent, immediately eliminate 24% of customer calls about shipment status, and save them more than $282,000 on average over the next 12 months.

Despite the advantages of deploying mobile technology, though, many shippers are still getting by with more outdated methods. Nearly a quarter (23%) of the managers surveyed by Honeywell have yet to use any type of mobile technology, while 60% had used paper-based systems to complete tasks associated with pick-up and delivery in the past year. Companies that are still using spreadsheets and handwritten notes to manage their transportation processes risk losing market share to more advanced competitors.

The Dispatch mobile application from Supply Vision saves shippers time and resources by automating track and trace. Dispatch integrates with Supply Vision’s robust TMS, allowing shippers to book, dispatch and track in any mode without leaving the platform, including multi-modal shipments. The Dispatch tool simplifies the transportation process by:

  • Providing aggregate load visibility
  • Sending automatic pick-up and delivery alerts
  • Offering one-click shipment tracking and updating
  • Integrating with the TMS to update load information in real time
  • GPS tracking of drivers for dispatchers

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