Three Tips for Selecting a Software Supplier

According to a November 2010 ARC Strategy Report, Supplier Selection Best Practices, “Supplier selection is a team process. The team should have a good understanding of the issues, a sense of urgency, balanced judgment, critical technical knowledge, and the respect of peers and management alike. Team members should be chosen not only as decisions makers, but also as the ‘doers’ that will ultimately follow through on the decisions made.”

As your team starts your software search, here are some tips for choosing the right supplier:

  1. Find the right cultural fit. Spend some time thinking about the culture of your organization. Are there levels of bureaucracy? Or is your structure more horizontal? It’s important to think about how a supplier may fit into your existing structure. Cultures don’t have to be a match, but there should be enough synergies to give both teams the decision-making power they need for a successful project.
  1. Decide what you’re willing to give. For any business relationship to work, both parties have to share a sense of mutual trust and commitment. Suppliers should be willing to invest time and effort in understanding your business and commit to long term support and growth. As a user, it’s your responsibility to ensure your team is ready and willing to learn a new software and engaged in solution-development from the start.
  1. The right supplier will be willing to meet your needs – not put you in a box. If you’re sun-setting a legacy system or installing a new TMS or WMS to replace manual work, suppliers may try to put your business into a “box.” It makes installation simple and training a breeze when you fit their software. But you’re looking for a software that’s capable of meeting your needs – and a team who’s willing to listen and come up with new and innovative ways of solving your specific business problems. Now, and in the long-term.

At Supply Vision our team of dedicated transportation technology specialists have decades of experience building and supporting TMS and WMS software systems and we’ve used this knowledge to build a robust solution for the small to medium supply chain market. Our team continues to deliver enhancements and features for our clients, keeping their businesses efficient and enabling growth as the industry evolves and changes.

Our approach is simple: we combine a team of experts, detailed implementation plans, and customized training to meet your operational needs.

Logistics technology is an important business tool, and finding a software that fits your needs is important, but just as important is choosing the right supplier to provide that technology and associated support. Supply Vision is dedicated to being a long term transportation technology solution partner for customers.

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