Supply Vision Releases Multi-Modal Integrated Dispatch Product

CHICAGO, IL. (April, 14 2015) – Supply Vision, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based transportation solutions for logistics companies, announces the launch of a multi-modal integrated Dispatch solution for shippers of all sizes. The Dispatch product automates shipment movements within the Supply Vision 2.0 TMS from load to Dispatch and integrates communication with drivers via the new Dispatch mobile application.

An important part of Supply Vision’s recent 2.0 release, the second iteration of its web-based transportation management solution, the new Dispatch Product includes easy access to the existing system to book, dispatch and track in any mode within one system.

Supply Vision 2.0 and the Dispatch product features are designed to perform in the cloud and provide responsive web pages with enhanced functionality. The integrated Dispatch component includes a mobile application for driver, dispatch, and system communication. The major features of Supply Vision’s Dispatch product include:

• Integrated with the SV TMS, reducing double entry into an external dispatch system
• Unassigned and assigned boards provide aggregate load visibility and trigger automatic alerts when ready and scheduled times are approaching or passed.
• Assigned loads are sent to drivers via mobile app to accept or decline.
• Drivers update shipment status details with one click, removing possible data entry errors.
• Pickup and delivery activity and POD signatures are tracked and captured onscreen.
• Automated driver updates are received by the TMS, updating loads in real time for operations and customer visibility.
• GPS tracking and map display provides dispatchers visibility to drivers locations and loads on demand.

“The new Dispatch product is the evidence of Supply Vision’s commitment to listening to our customers and creating solutions for business problems. We’re proud of this product, it is the result of hours of customer input, strategizing and developing a system to fit our clients’ needs,” commented Amanda Bohl, CEO of Supply Vision. “Our customers told us they needed a Dispatch system that would integrate seamlessly with a multi modal TMS – and we delivered.”

About Supply Vision, Inc.:

Supply Vision is a cloud-based supply chain software technology partner committed to responsive customer support, collaborative product road maps and personalized training. The company’s web-based platform delivers flexible tools to help organizations manage the supply chain by enabling collaboration between shippers and logistics providers. Supply Vision’s suite of products covers the entire supply chain and includes a Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Dispatch and Customer Portal.