Supply Vision Releases 2.0 Version of Products: TMS, WMS, Dispatch and Customer Portal

Supply Vision, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based transportation solutions for logistics companies, is thrilled to announce delivery of the first phase of Supply Vision 2.0, the second iteration of its transportation management solution. Committed to cutting edge logistics technologies, incorporating user feedback, and operational experience, Supply Vision 2.0 is designed to perform in the cloud and provide responsive web pages with enhanced functionality. Among the many upgraded features is an integrated dispatch module and a mobile application for driver, dispatch, and system communication.

New and upgraded features include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies using the latest technologies to provide heightened performance and streamlined navigation.
  • Responsive browser and platform functionality reinforced with additional security measures for continued secure operational functions in the cloud.
  • Newly designed landing pages and menu functions provide simplified navigation as well as enhanced search and look up for easy access to shipments and routings.
  • Redesigned address book look up functions and detail views providing additional user security functions within profiles and structured data flow.
  • ViewBook module developed as a “home base” to reduce keystrokes and easily access one or many loads. Build one-off reports, save common searches, set default look-ups, export data sets to excel, bulk update one or many shipment details, statuses, charges and any other data options in addition to printing bulk forms.
  • A new dispatch module automates moving shipments from load to dispatch and integrates communication with drivers via the new dispatch mobile application.
    • Unassigned and assigned boards provide aggregate load visibility and triggers automatic alerts when ready and scheduled times are approaching or passed.
    • Shipment activity and POD signatures are tracked and captured onscreen. Automated driver updates are received by the TMS, automatically updating loads in real time.
    • GPS tracking and map display provides dispatchers visibility to drivers locations on demand.

“Supply Vision 2.0 is an example of Supply Vision’s commitment to continued product development and partnership with our customers to provide solutions that meet their needs and business processes,” commented Amanda Bohl, CEO of Supply Vision. “Our mission is to deliver the entire 2.0 upgrade and additional new features throughout 2015, allowing product development to drive innovation and efficiencies within the product suite.”

About Supply Vision, Inc.:

Supply Vision is a cloud-based supply chain software technology partner committed to responsive customer support, collaborative product road maps and personalized training. The company’s web-based platform delivers flexible tools to help organizations manage the supply chain by enabling collaboration between shippers and logistics providers. Supply Vision’s suite of products covers the entire supply chain and includes a Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Dispatch and Customer Portal.