Shipment Consolidation Upgrade

Growing Forwarders often manage back to back shipments. Could you benefit from functionality that allows you to consolidate house bills into one master bill for cost savings and easy distribution? Supply Vision has an upgraded shipment consolidation module that makes domestic and international consolidations even easier.

Grow your business with the added capability to consolidate freight, reduce cost and increase profit margins. The Supply Vision TMS allows you to create domestic or international consolidations for ground, land, or sea with the click of a button.

Reduce inventory levels, lower your cost per unit, and speed up turnaround time while reducing overall cost through domestic or international multi-modal consolidation. Consolidate multiple house bills and simplify your logistics.

This upgrade includes multiple functions for distributing costs across house bills to deliver optimum profits per shipment. Simple shipment filters allow your team to easily consolidate like shipments. Single point data entry for routing details reduces shipment execution time, meaning no more repetitive data entry on master bill details.

“By providing shippers the benefit of a logistics provider that is able to consolidate freight and pass along cost savings, we’re giving our customers additional functionality to grow their business,” commented Amanda Bohl, VP Support and Implementation. “We’re helping cut cost through web based/SAAS technology solutions for domestic and international shipping needs. Consolidations are now even more easily managed online and in real-time. Just another example of how Supply Vision is working to exceed the needs of our customers.”

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