Tradeshow Module


Tradeshow Module

Spend less time on logistics and more time on Tradeshow revenue generating activity.

Tradeshows have specific needs and most TMS providers don’t handle them well. So we went to work to provide a seamless, easy to use solution for specialized Tradeshow needs.

The Tradeshow Module includes:

  • Manage show details in one location
  • Coordinate event schedules including shipping dates and deadlines
  • Consolidate Tradeshow documentation
  • Organize staffing and logistics for single or multiple Tradeshows
  • Full reporting suite for all financial and transportation
  • Automatic status notification feature
  • All features bundled in a single TMS with secure, cloud-based computing

Access to Tradeshow and shipping data helps you make better business decisions and more effectively deliver show results.


See for yourself how Supply Vision can alleviate your headaches when it comes to Tradeshow shipping.

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