Shipment movements are automated and tracked within Supply Vision’s existing system to book, dispatch and track in any mode without having to leave the platform.

Driver communication and shipment movements are automated and integrated with the Dispatch mobile application.

The major features of Supply Vision’s Dispatch product include:

  • Unassigned and assigned boards provide aggregate load visibility and triggers automatic alerts when ready and scheduled times are approaching or passed.
  • Assigned loads sent to drivers via mobile app to accept or reject.
  • Track and update shipment status with one click, reducing errors in data entry and typing.
  • Shipment activity and POD signatures are tracked and captured onscreen.
  • Automated driver updates are received by the TMS, updating loads in real time.
  • GPS tracking and map display provides dispatchers visibility to drivers locations on demand.The Supply Vision dispatch product integrates multimodal shipments seamlessly with our TMS.



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