Transportation Management System


Transportation Management System

Designed for domestic and international freight forwarders and truck brokers needing a single, integrated solution for their businesses.

Air, rail, ground or sea; moving it from start to finish has never been simpler, more transparent or easier to calculate profitability.

Supply Vision’s TMS can:

  • Handle multimodal shipping by one or more air, sea, rail or ground operators.
  • Create consolidated shipments and break down costs to provide P&L data at a shipment level.
  • Produce laser or dot-matrix forms that can be faxed, e-mailed or transmitted by EDI.
  • Provide management reporting that can be exchanged with your customers and supply chain partners or exported to a spreadsheet or PDF.
  • Integrate with industry partners to offer denied party screening, hazmat, mileage calculation and internet load board posting without leaving the TMS.
  • Work in concert with our WMS and customer portal to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Handwritten customer notes and custom spreadsheets templates will make way for a new kind of shipping and record keeping. We store it online where you can click, pick, book and ship from anywhere.

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