Customer Portal


Customer Portal

Our portal is the one and only place a shipper needs to monitor their supply chain.

Your customer’s time is valuable.  Supply Vision’s portal can increase your customer retention rates by keeping them happy, engaged and tied to your technology.

You set up the portal for your customer and customize their functionality, visibility, security and notifications.  From there, they can then:

  • Customize their own dashboard.
  • See all their shipments in the pipeline.
  • Sort by date, scheduled delivery order or other in transit options.
  • Create and browse quotes that have been requested, answered and are connected to a shipment.
  • Create shipments and shop for rates.
  • Upload documents and images as well as communicate directly with you.
  • Generate reports based on data in your TMS and/or WMS systems.
  • View warehouse inventory: on hand and available inventory as well as cycle counts.
  • Manage users, event-driven notifications and passwords.
  • Locate or track merchandise in the system using key data elements including but not limited to bill of lading, container number or purchase order. 

Since the portal provides information that can be downloaded, sent or received via EDI, once those systems are established, it creates another layer of connectivity that keeps your customer closer and provides additional value.

Supply Vision’s portal shares your system with your customer and makes their life easier and contributes to increased customer loyalty.  Schedule a demo of our portal today.
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