Observations from the Air Cargo Show

The Supply Vision team and I spent some time in Las Vegas in March at the Air Cargo show. I was impressed by the quality of this year’s speakers, capped by keynote David I. Beatson, Present of Ascent Advisors.

David has an illustrious career in supply chain management before starting Ascent Advisors. He was previously CEO North America of Panalpina, Chairman and CEO of Circle International Group, as well as President and CEO of Emery Worldwide. His keynote presentation reinforced what the Supply Vision team already knew, that technology is changing our industry – coming from a long-time leader, this made an impression on me.

According to David, Global Trade is projected to reach $24 trillion by 2015. This will require significant supply chain industry growth and existing M&A activity have already created new breed one-stop-shop global solution providers.

We see this every day when we talk to our customers. Forwarders and brokers are playing an ever-expanding role for their clients, and this level of service requires access to robust technology without added cost.

This is the beauty of what David called “the next innovation in our space,” cloud computing. Companies using cloud-computing service providers are saving money on technology by 26% according to England’s Manchester school and 62% of those same companies say deploying the cloud improved the bottom line.

Those dollars can then be infused into the business to build the products and services customers are demanding. The line between service providers has blurred. You are doing more for your customers than ever before, and depending on technology to do it.

I like to say that moving information is just as important as moving freight – and that is never more true than in the new products and services you are offering your clients. As you become an integral part of their supply chain, you need the technology and service to support your work.

Supply Vision is proud to be at the forefront of the next innovation in our space. Our cloud-based software, allows our customers to use the time and dollars saved to enhance service offerings and grow. Like David said, the global growth in our space is creating a new breed of end-to-end service providers – and Supply Vision is on the cutting edge of the technology to support this growth.