For the Right TMS, look beyond your ERP

Logistics costs are rising as your supply chain grows more complex. Automating and optimizing transportation activities can drive huge savings, and finding the right transportation management system (TMS) is an essential first step.

TMS is often coupled with the decision to purchase an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Usually TMS is lumped in with the rest of the ERP “wish list” but never matriculates, or the TMS in the chosen ERP doesn’t meet business needs. We find many SMBs going outside of their ERP systems to integrate with a TMS that works for their business.

Integrating a stand-alone TMS with an ERP gets you the best of both worlds – a TMS that stands alone, built by supply chain professionals and the ability to integrate where necessary with your chosen ERP platform.

If you choose the appropriate TMS, the investment can pay for itself quickly. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a TMS:

• Easy and efficient data entry, quick access to in-process loads, customer delivery requirements, and customizable look ups.
• A robust management reporting suite that fits your needs.
• Willingness to evolve and meet your needs as your business grows.
• 24/7 online access.
• Provider’s commitment to customer service best practices.
• Industry and software expertise.
• A technology partner to help with new features and integrations as your business grows.

The Supply Vision TMS 2.0 and technical team can offer integration option that can be designed to meet the needs of shippers of all sizes. Quote, book and ship from anywhere, including multimodal, mileage calculation and Internet load board posting without leaving the platform. TMS 2.0 offers a robust reporting suite and works in concert with Supply Vision’s WMS, Dispatch and Customer Portal tools to automate supply chain activity and improve customer satisfaction.

Don’t settle for the wrong TMS. Contact us for a demo of TMS 2.0 and learn how our software solutions can help your organization save time and resources.