Coming Soon: Supply Vision 2.0

Supply Vision is happy to announce Supply Vision 2.0 is just round the corner!

Users will experience a redesigned look and feel, built on the newest technologies to allow for added features and functionality. In addition to new screens and intuitive layouts, our team of experts is building the system using responsive web design so that it can be used easily on all browsers and devices, from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones.

The Supply Vision team spent time with industry professionals to learn about the next level of engagement expected from transportation software. Our operations experts and developers combined this feedback with their decades of industry experience to create a dynamic feature plan for the next evolution of our comprehensive and easy to use suite.

A few of the coming enhancements:
1. Redesigned data entry with tabbed layouts for efficient entry and saving
2. New grids for multi-line entry and fast updates
3. Enhanced on-demand reporting
4. Responsive web design will allow for use on any browser or device
5. Upgraded back end technologies for faster development of new features

Leading-edge back end technologies will arm our technical team with a whole new set of tools and resources to design and release new features and integrations quickly, while giving users a new user-friendly design and value-added performance and functionality.

“The technology stack we have chosen puts us at the cutting edge of web development,” commented Calvin Fisher, VP Engineering. “Customers can expect an improved user experience with faster load times, better performance, and quicker development of new features.”

Supply Vision is on the forefront of making transportation and warehousing easier for businesses. Expect the first of many Supply Vision 2.0 release dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

“This is the first of many continued enhancements we have planned for 2015,” said Amanda Bohl, CEO of Supply Vision. “Users don’t have to worry about learning a new way to navigate Supply Vision tools. This new look and feel is designed with familiarity in mind, but will give our customers the best possible user interface, layered on top of the most current back-end technologies.”

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, intuitive, TMS system then reach out now for a demo of the new Supply Vision 2.0.