GIT Global Case Study

GIT Global Uses Supply Vision TMS to Find Efficiencies

GIT Global, a leading freight forwarder with offices all over North America, specializes in shipping between the US and South America, specifically Mexico. With a large footprint in Latin America, GIT manages more than 100 air and ocean shipments a month and is dedicated to being a business partner for its customers.

Management’s commitment to consultative customer relationships, as well as the GIT Global’s exponential growth, led the company to look for a transportation management software (TMS) business partner with similar values. Supply Vision enables GIT Global’s success through an easy to use TMS and responsive customer service.

Software Problem
In 2014, GIT Global identified a business need to improve efficiencies within their TMS. They were looking for a thorough but easy to use solution that could be implemented very quickly. The company went to market to find a business partner willing to provide best in class training as well as provide custom support to help create business processes efficiencies.

Supply Vision’s Solution

Customer Service
GIT Global chose Supply Vision to be its new TMS provider because the flexibility the system allows the operations team. The company is able to service its customers more effectively, streamlining processes and creating efficiencies within the operations team. The GIT Global team had been looking for a business partner committed to excellence and found in Supply Vision a commitment to customer service and partnership. This, in addition to the user-friendly approach the Supply Vision software takes to transportation management, simplified GIT Global’s business processes.

Speedy Implementation
Supply Vision was eager to understand GIT Global’s pain points and to provide comprehensive business solutions. Once it was determined the Supply Vision software was the right fit, a speedy two-week training and implementation allowed the GIT Global team to get up and running quickly.

GIT Global now uses Supply Vision’s TMS to serve its customers more effectively, streamlining internal processes and creating efficiencies. Successful implementation was a direct result of the GIT Global team’s commitment to training and practice, supported by Supply Vision and their hands on delivery processes.

“Supply Vision’s support team was willing to listen to our needs and the system is very easy to use,” said, Brenda D’Angelo, Director of International Operations of GIT Global. “The implementation was fast and Supply Vision was hands-on through the entire process.”

Easy to Use
Operations Team: Using the Supply Vision TMS, GIT Global’s operations team is able to easily execute both international and domestic shipments with the data needed to make informed business decisions.

Management: Management has access to Supply Vision’s robust suite of reporting tools to help stay on top of customer needs. GIT Global’s customers also benefit from the “quick tracking portal” GIT uses as part of it’s easy to use Supply Vision TMS.

“We consider ourselves a high-touch company,” commented D’Angelo. “We now have a user-friendly tool to help us be proactive about solving our customers’ problems.”

“The Supply Vision TMS is easy to use and lets our account executives respond to customer requests thoroughly and quickly. We no longer have to wait for tracking reports or phone calls. All the information is available and at the right person’s fingertips,” said D’Angelo.

The easy to use TMS is simple yet robust, capable of meeting all GIT Global’s needs while allowing the company to grow. This, combined with responsive customer support and a hands-on approach to speedy implementation make the Supply Vision TMS the right fit for GIT Global.

“Our partnership with GIT Global is just one example of how Supply Vision’s TMS is changing the way our customers do business,” said Amanda Bohl, CEO of Supply Vision. “We are committed to true business partnership with our clients. That means listening to concerns, understanding needs, and creating solutions, backed up by our commitment to customer service.”